Daft Punk – Sky Dive (2012) – Fake or Real?

Imagine if you’re browsing through your boring Facebook timeline and your mousewheel stops cause you read something about “New Daft Punk”. Surely this got my full attention. A friend of mine comment about a screenshot from Mr. HBF with a funny story!

Hey guys and girls =3

My name’s Emma, i’m 19 and i live in London UK!

My dad works at Virgin Records in the UK and has access to the servers on their computers. He came home Friday night with a USB stick, i use it from time to time for my files for Uni. I had to put some photos from my computer to my dads so i used his USB on Sunday. When i did so, i found something interesting…

I found a file on the USB titled ‘Daft Punk – Sky Dive (2012) (Promo Previews)’

I am really excited so i thought i would share the file!! I don’t want to get my dad in trouble so i’m not naming him or myself. I’m not a huge DP fan, but hope this means something to you guys? Not sure if this has been released before? Perhaps this is nothing special.


Emi x

It’s copy and pasted from a forum post on thedaftclub.com. I’ve downloaded the zip and give a listen. Don’t want to judge about the story. Sure it could be an annoying Daft Punk fan who thought to share his self made tracks or what ever. I want to share these tracks with you and judge by your own. What do you think? Is this the new Daft Punk sound? I don’t know.

? Daft Punk – LCD (LED)
Daft Punk – LCD (LED) ? Daft Punk – Taking Control
Daft Punk – Taking Control ? Daft Punk – Waiting Line (Feat. Mr Oizo)
Daft Punk – Waiting Line (Feat. Mr Oizo) There are more rumours about an upcoming tour on 2012. Or just think about there last soundtrack for the movie TRON. Some early previews leaked too. And of course, a new Daft Punk album will hit the blogosphere like never before! I don’t know but I miss them and their sound. I still listen to the last Essential Mix back in 1999 which is a must have!

More Info’s:
Daft Punk on Facebook | daftpunk.com

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  • If this isn’t fake, I’m still curious who made this. I like this more than the fake Daft Punk music which were in the end a duo called The Third Twin. But still, the music sounds a bit too… obvious. ‘LCD’ is mix of the more relaxing tracks on ‘Discovery’ and ‘Taking Control’ could easily be on the bass-heavy Human After All EP.

  • The 19 year-old Emma from London doesn’t want to name her dad or herself. Yes…

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