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We still have to wait till the 25th October to get our own copy of “Audio, Video, Disco” but it’s really hard! Simpley I can’t wait! So if someone read this and listen to the new album cause he is one of the lucky guys, so please mail! Until this, I mean until the release date, I collect the leaked tracks till now! Enjoy listening while reading this little story!

I just saw a tv show called “The Gost Of: Groove” and it’s one of these rare shows in german TV which show you real history about music genres and this time it was about the “groove”. And one person from a label said this at the end (not word by word): “I know that the 60’s and 70’s are over but someone should tell Justin Timberlake that the late 80’s, 90’s and 00’s are over too! We don’t need this fake drums from drum machines and stuff. We need real music!” And I guess this is what Justice did. They try to push their own sound to a new level by playing real instruments and put them together with the unique Justice touch. Like Jan Driver did this by using awesome live-drums for his album “Amatilda” – which is one of the best I’ve heard this year!

For a whole medley of the upcoming album, check my last post!


1. Horsepower
2. Civilization

3. Ohio
4. Canon (Interlude)
5. Canon

6. On’n’on
7. Brianvision
8. Parade
9. Newlands

10. Helix

11. Audio, Disco, Video
12. Planisphere

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