Breakfastklub – Action, Bitch! EP

Breakfastklub dropped their second EP on Dusted Decks Records and also celebrate their sixth birthday! “Action, Bitch!” is a electro-house-rave-break-package and comes with three remixes! Remixed by the fabulous Jan Driver, Slap In The Bass and Jeff Doubleu! My first feedback was “Quality release! Original and Jan Driver are dope! Slap in the base too! love!” and that’s it! Enjoy!

If you want to party with them just click here!

? Breakfastklub – Action, Bitch! EP Previews


Malente: “great fun! cool package. origianl for the club. SITB great sonic experiance! jeff doubleau rockin groove
Markus Lange: “Cool EP!
Larry Tee: “BITCHY!
aUTOdiDakT: “Driver rockt immer!!!
Don Rimini: “original + jan driver + slap in the bass for me 🙂
Lars Moston: “Big stuff. My No Brainer buddies Slap In The Bass win it for me with their remix. Tropical, bitch!
BeatauCue: “great!!!

And many more…

Get your copy on BEATPORT! Support them! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

More Info’s:
Breakfastklub | Jan Driver | Slap In The Bass | Jeff Doubleu

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