Basserk Record’s Big Fat Zip

Today the guys from Basserk Records dropped a huge and this time I mean REALLY huge package of tracks which are all for free! Forty (40!!!) originals made by so many different artists! That’s really awesome! And this is all because:

BasserkBigFatZipBasserk Big Fat Zip. The ultimate Pistol Pop compilation.

After 5 years of Basserk we have met and released a lot of great artists and we wanted to find a way to put them all together, we think the Big Fat Zip does that perfectly. This compilation is made possible by 40 different artists who all give their music to you for nothing. If you like what they do, support them, buy their music (even if its not on Basserk), like them on social media, go see them play or just send them a message saying thanks.

Enjoy the music,

Basserk and all our artists.

Thanks guys! But is it the right way and just drop a package with a lot of tracks and give it for free? I guess it’s a really cool way to promote some newcomers and to bring the names of all the artists to a really big public! So keep it up with the good work Basserk Rec!

It was hard to choose some tracks to show you what you’ll get when you download the ZIP but here are ten of my favourites!

? DISTRAKT – Act Once
Act Once ? Bronstibock – Diuqui
Diuqui ? Ntology – Fake Beat
Fake Beat ? Shaved Monkeys – feaze
feaze ? Monopunk – God
God ? Beens – Like Wax
Like Wax ? Frag Maddin – One Pound
One Pound ? Clash The Disko Kids – Stuk
Stuk ? Mike Mago – Tazmanian Devil
Tazmanian Devil ? Hide & Scream – Vector

Download them all! Enjoy!
Show Tracklist
Capacocha – Babylon Hoe
Shock and Awe – Bon anniversair
Moore & Lezz – Crowd Control
Crunkd – Dirty Beat
Bronstibock – Diuqui
Ntology – Fake Beat
Shaved Monkeys – feaze
OJAJOH?! – Format mC
Monopunk – God
Sneak-Thief – Kimono Mano
Process Rebel – Kniprap (Process Rebel remix of Ojajoh?!)
Skip & Die – La Cumbia Dictad
Mason – Lets Get Ferretic
Beens – Like Wax
Petr Passive feat. Curly Loops – More dreamers
Modek – My friend
NARSTI – OIL (Instrumental Dub)
Frag Maddin – One Pound
Spag Heddy – Optimus Heddy
Electrophants – Rasta
Pump The Noise – Revenge
Warrior Bros – Rubik
Sovnger – Sleepwalker
Tanzkonsol – So What
Petsoop – Solid Cock
Clash The Disko Kids – Stuk
Lazy Late Kidz feat. Jey Key – Tartiflette
Mike Mago – Tazmanian Devil
Mr Skeleton – The Break
Bazooka Boom – Those girls
Hide & Scream – Vector
Vecho – Victorious
Murderthief – Volume
Klipar – Wapen
De Grote Vinnie, Donnie & Sjakie Show – We Are The Club
Da GobliNN – Werk Dat Puss
Doctr – Whistle
M3t?d3bt – Witchhouse

More Info’s:
Distrakt | Basserk Records | Bronstibock | Ntology | Shaved Monkeys | Monopunk | Beens | Frag Maddin | Clash The Disko Kids | Mike Mago | Hide and Scream

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