Cryptonites – Hey Kidz EP

The two guys from Cryptonites comes around with their brand new EP “Hey Kidz” in stock, these two Swiss sound manipulators might just accomplish their mission, because the upcoming four track material is a bona fide crowd pleaser. The center piece “Hey Kidz” is the heart and soul of the “Freakz Me Out” output, set to hit stores in February. Instead of head crunching distortion attacks, Cryptonites decided to take a different turn this time around. Melodies, catchy grooves and a funky beat make this record a more than welcome alternative to the monotonous stew normally for sale.

The other three tracks “Splinters”, “Loot” and “Every Second Counts” are perfect counterparts to the main title, covering all musical grounds and displaying the wide range of influences these guys have. So basically no matter what you’re looking for, the chances are pretty big that you will find it here. Pack away the pesky kryptonite and give Superman a holler, the Cryptonites are bound to make even the strongest of us happy.

The nice guys send me “Hey Kidz” and “Every Second Counts” in full quality to share it with you! Check also the other tracks as a short preview!


? 1. Hey Kidz
Hey Kidz ? 2. Splinters
Splinters ? 3. Loot
Loot ? 4. Every Second Counts
Every Second Counts

Massive EP support both on BEATPORT and pick your favourite track!

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