Punks Jump Up – Blockhead EP

What a big track! I heared it first in Zombie Nation’s Mixtape which you can find also on my page… The London based duo comes with their “Blockhead” EP end january 2011 on Kitsuné Records! This percussive, rhythmically hypnotic dance song, accompanied with a quirky & driven bass line is a tribute to the terrifying looking but yet emotionally soft & musically talented monster on the sleeve of the record. But it’s not only the original track. They could gain Zombie Nation, Hey Today!, Stopmakingme & Symbol One to remix it!


? 1. Blockhead (Original Club Mix)
? 2. Blockhead (Zombie Nation Mix)
? 3. Blockhead (Hey Today! Re-Blocked)
? 4. Blockhead (Stopmakingme Remix)
? 5. Blockhead (In Flagranti Remix)
? 6. Blockhead (SymbolOne Remix)
Blockhead (Symbol One Remix) And here comes a little gift for you all! Punks Jump Up used a late version of it for the Zongamins “Azzazza” Remix! Grab it and play it out loud! Enjoy!

? Zongamins – Azzazza (Punks Jump Up Remix) (removed by request)

Had to take off the Azzazza and the Blockhead Original Track. Sorry. But enjoy the big Symbol One Remix.

Punks Jump Up on Myspace | Soundcloud | Twitter

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