Death To The Throne – Trapped In Feat. Bjork

It’s a really cool track with a special story behind! James Martin-Nelson aka Death To The Throne say this about the track:

Its so darn progressive and electro, that it makes deadmau5 sound like jack johnson and will magically transform whatever t-shirt your wearing into a see thru, skin tight, neon orange tank top. keep your body glitter handy!

There is more as some sitdowns and massive drops! James lost a really good friend and I guess everyone know how it feels like if you have lost someone special! I love that track – it pushs me in this special mood!

So do me a big favor, and let your friends and loved ones know how much you care about them. Life is too short! – Death To The Throne

? Death To The Throne – Trapped In Feat. Bjork
Trapped In Feat. Bjork

Death To The Throne

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