Princess Superstar – Lollipop (Crookers Remix) *FACEPALM*

Weird story about that track! Read the official Bot and Phra words…

A couple of days ago, on rcrdlbl website, it has been published Princess Superstar’s track Lollipop (Crookers Remix), offering it in free download. We would like to express our utmost disappointment about this operation. Approximately 3 years ago, we have been contacted by Princess Superstar’s management to remix Lollipop . For some reason the remix was turned down and the fee never settled. Given that we really liked what we had done, we decided to re-edit it, get rid of the vocals, and release it as original track called “Sveglia” in our Mad Kids EP for Southern Fried in 2008. This is an example of how people, sometimes, change their mind about their artistic beliefs only for interest! … or maybe they just smoked too much weed and don’t remember what they used to think 3 years ago. We believe this is unfair and disrespectful and these shifting attitudes bewilder us.” – Original post here on the Crookers Blog!

You can listen it here…

? Princess Superstar – Lollipop (Crookers Remix)
Princess Superstar – Lollipop (Crookers Remix) … and could download it here! To compare both here the 2008 released “Sveglia”! Let me know what y’all think! Use the comments below! Enjoy!

? Crookers – Sveglia
Crookers – Sveglia (Original Edit)


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