Treasury #1 with D.I.M., SCNTST, Roman Flügel & More

Treasury will be my new series to give you a collection of tracks, EP’s, LP’s and free downloads that didn’t find there way in a single post contemporary to the releasedate. As a lonesome blogger, you’ll have to give some of the new music priorities and you build some kind of queue, because from my point of view it’s not possible to blog all the latest stuff you actually want. And to present you all my favourites, I’ll put them in this collection called “Treasury”.

D.I.M. - Screamer

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Let’s start with the one and only D.I.M., who (finally) released his newest three-track-EP called “Screamer” on Boysnoize Records sublabel TRAX. He’s bringing back the good old electro sound!

Show Tracklist
1. Meta Glitch
2. Roket
3. The Screamers

SCNTST – Puffer

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In the recent Boys Noize interview for I-D he was asked “What qualities do you think have helped BNR last so long?” and he answered “[…]Everybody is very close to the pulse of underground music and everyone is constantly trying to push themselves for fresh sounds or something that is different. […] SCNTST is just doing his own thing, changing styles on every record…”. Open your mind for this and don’t expect anything, SCNTST simply know to surprise you! This is a must have!

Show Tracklist
1. Render For Peace
2. Life Or Ares
3. Hygh 2k12
4. Gletscherspalte
5. Sers
6. Ice
7. Zuge
8. Mondquelle (Reviewed)
9. Moondquelle (Spirit Mix)
10. Flight
11. Hendy
12. Generated
13. Kristall Edition (Fusion Mix)
14. UV Houzz
15. H8 Drop

Low Steppa – Troubles

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Birmingham based Low Steppa released a 15-track LP to celebrate his journey he has been on over the last 15 years. The outcome is a quite impressive mix between house and UK garage sound. This is crazy, this is something you’ll need on your headphones!

Low Steppa – Troubles
Low Steppa – Troubles

Hostage – The Beat / Pumpdis

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Here we go with Hostage’s latest free tracks The Beat and Pumpdis. Both are electro, techno, bass, rave all at once and yep both are also for free. Grab them on his soundcloud.

Hostage – The Beat / Pumpdis
Hostage – The Beat / Pumpdis
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