Mixtape Monday #167

Mixtape Monday #167 | Vin Sol
Mixtape Monday #167 | Vin Sol

Here we go with another deliberately-selected #MixtapeMonday post. Starting with this massive “The Creep Side of Dance Mania” mix by San Francisco based Vin Sol and the recent live capture of Boris Dlugosch and Dietroiter – both deliver also a fantastic mix! More great stuff come from Mumbai Science, Danny Daze, Jackmaster, Costello, Brodinski, KMRT, Les Trochiennes, DJ Phono and DJ MASAJE. Choose your personal favourite, listen and download below. Enjoy!

Vin Sol – The Creep Side of Dance Mania
Vin Sol – The Creep Side of Dance Mania
Dlugosch & Dietroiter PUDEL 29 01 2015
Dlugosch & Dietroiter PUDEL (29.01.2015)
Mumbai Science Tapes – #27 – January 2015
Mumbai Science Tapes – #27 – January 2015
SUNDAY MORNING – 01 – Danny Daze
SUNDAY MORNING – 01 – Danny Daze
THUMP Guest Mix – Jackmaster Live From A Club Called Rhonda
Jackmaster Live From A Club Called Rhonda
Show Tracklist
Costello – Primal (BNRTRAX)
Beesmunt Soundsystem – Amsterdam 808 (Pets Recordings)
Djedjotronic – Mongolito (BNR)
Chambray – Ghetto Giants (Ultramajic)
Maison sky – 69 (Materials)
Para One & Myd – Brooklyn (Bromance)
Laszlo Dancehall – Plimton (Man Make Music)
Jensen Interceptor & Light Year – A.D.S.R. (Motorik)
Spank Rock – Gully (With you remix) (BNR)
TRVE – Zephyris (Origami sound)
Costello – Pegasus (BNRTRAX)
Hijack & Jeff Doubleu – What you talking about (White)
Costello – Azareiis (BNRTRAX)
Jon Convex – Pop That P (Naked Lunch)
Adam – Instinctive story (Origami Sound)
Gingy & Bordello – Ausbrush (J Tijn remix) (Turbo)
Ali Borem – Children of the heart (Turbo)
Kill Frenzy & Justin Jay – Lava (Dirtybird)
Fjaak – Don’t leave me (50Weapons)
Jimmy Edgar – Burn (Ultramajic)
Daniel Avery – Knowing we’ll be there (Kink remix)(Phantasy)
Electric Rescue & Brodinski – The beast (White)
Myd – Uberty (Bromance)
Gingy & Bordello – Tremors (White)
Hertz – Bipolar (Respekt Recordings)
Costello on Rinse FR [2 Hours Mix]
Costello on Rinse FR (2 Hours Mix)
Show Tracklist
1. Serge P – Talk To Me (Les Tronchiennes Remix) // Free DL
2. Charlie Darker – Dun Do It (Original Mix) // Free DL
3. aUtOdiDakt & Kroyclub – Your Shit is Weak Doe (Haezer Remix) // Free DL
4. Hoshina Anniversary – Chicago (Turbo Turbo Remix) // GND
5. Les Tronchiennes – Hab’en (Original Mix) // Mähtrasher Records
6. Les Tronchiennes – Chasing Cops (Original Mix) // Mähtrasher Records
7. Brodinski – Dance Like Machines (Freak Slaughter Remix) // Free DL
8. Etnik – Look Down The Line (Original Mix) // Free DL
9. Molecule – Harvard Oppression (Version By S-File) // Mille Feuilles
10. Turbo Turbo – Aurify (Original Mix) // GND
11. Sirkus Sirkuz – Wolfrider (KMRT Remix) // voxnox Records
12. Volcazoid – Korrovin (The Sneekers Remix) // Mähtrasher Records
13. Frederic De Carvalho – Amanita (Valy Mo Remix) // Police Records
14. GSUS! – Agadir (Original Mix) // Mähtrasher Records
Maehtrasher Radio Podcast Episode 01 – Les Tronchiennes
Maehtrasher Podcast 01 – Les Tronchiennes
Curly Music Guest Mix #68 (01 30) – THING
Curly Music Guest Mix #68 (01 30) – THING
Technorific Jamz Mixtape Vol.8  KMRT
Technorific Jamz Mixtape Vol.8 KMRT
Show Tracklist
Future Proof – 84/14
Henry Kane – The Unitz
Hervé – Hate on Me (Jaded RMX)
Mia Dora – Raw Kiss
Boston Bun – We Got Soul
Mason – Palmetto
Chambray – Untiteled (Bodyjack RMX)
Rob Hes – Remember
Boys Noize & Siriusmo – Conchord (Oliver RMX)
Xinobi – Spend The Night
Don Rimini – Dance to Chicago (Chambray RMX)
Riton – I Am the Whisperer
UMEK – Power of The Underground
Strip Steve – Motions of Life
DJ MASAJE  Giftblond Mixtape
DJ MASAJE – Giftblond Mixtape


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