The Hackz – Punchline EP

Belgiums best kept secret in Electronica – who are The Hackz?
That’s a really good question! I don’t know it. Just could give you a extract of the incoming mail “Who are The Hackz? Let’s just say that we already had a rather extensive & succesful career in dance music under another alias but with The Hackz we wanted to do things just a bit different so we’ll just let the music speak for itself.” So well, who cares 😉 But if there is someone who know it make a comment! Til this, you can enjoy the first EP caled “Punchline”!

The Hackz

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  • Si

    The Subs, surely?

  • Hmm maybe, but The Subs aren’t a DJ-duo :-/

  • Si

    Didn’t see DJ mentioned.

    Anyway – like you say, who cares. It’s great : )