Disq Clash - Turbo Clash

Disq Clash – Turbo Clash

Three originators of Japanese techno music teamed up to release new original recordings in 2015 – so Disq Clash was born. They sublimate Chicago…

Justin Jay - Momentum

Justin Jay – Momentum EP

Justin Jay know how to deliver some bomb tracks. His first addition was on Dirtybird, where he delivered most of his successful songs like…

BS1 - Basic Principles

BS1 – Basic Principles

After “Be As One” and “Rust”, “Basic Principles” is the third EP by the boy-girl house-techno duo, Dora and Alberto a.k.a BS1 on the…

Costello - Taurus EP

Costello – Taurus EP

Do you remember Costello‘s Pegasus? It was almost to the day when the French released one of my favourite tracks in 2014. Now one…

Chambray - Work That EP

Chambray – Work That EP

One hit after another, which stand not only for the whole Ultramajic label, also for Berlin based Chambray who present his latest work on…