Zombie Nation - TGV

Zombie Nation – TGV

It’s been way to long since the last release by the Brooklyn based Zombie Nation. Gnork was his last own single and as ZZT,…

ARME - Espionage

ARME – Espionage

Arme is a Romanian DJ and producer duo based in Bucharest. “Espionage” is the second EP on Origami Sound and remixes on Kitsune and…

Edgework - Dodecan EP

Edgework – Dodecan EP

Romain aka Edgework is a french techno producer and DJ, who released severeal stuff over the last two years like on the french label…

Valy Mo - Tokyo Bright

Valy Mo – Tokyo Bright

He’s one of the eccentrically looking DJ’s and producers out there and it’s been around two years since I’ve posted his latest work, don’t…

Danny Daze - Speicher 80

Danny Daze – Speicher 80 EP

Kompakt – Speicher present Danny Daze latest masterpiece. After “Silicon“, which is one of my favourite tunes this year, a remix for Gui Boratto…

SCNTST - Forever 16 EP

SCNTST – Forever 16 EP

It’s just crazy how good the new SCNTST EP is. “Forever 16″ is the latest release by the young talented guy and it’s already…